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Tours : My World Tour Through Luxembourg

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My World Tour Through Luxembourg

by Bert Schwarz
reisemagazin tv: Luxembourgs Regionen.

Luxembourg is a Grand Duchy. It is no republic. And it is centrally located in the heart of Europe between Germany, Belgium and France. No wonder, then, that the European idea is deeply rooted here.

My World Tour Through Luxembourg

Story, Camera, Edit : Bert Schwarz

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My World Tour Through Luxembourg

It's a small country with about as many inhabitants as Stuttgart and it offers the many possibilities that are expected of a country. And it is not anchored in the mind as a travel destination if you have a certain distance to the country.

As it is like this: as a travel journalist also the really unknown should be travelled, not only a new "variation" of the friend. And Luxembourg is something so unknown. Not far enough away to pass as exotic, but so close that the country is known - through news from politics and business.

If then the project planning is so far that first telephone and personal contacts are attached, presents itself at the latest after the The first information visit showed that the own feeling went in the completely wrong direction, here is a small country with big possibilities, that deserves increased attention!