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Mëllerdall & Ardennes


the little Luxembourg Switzerland

by Bert Schwarz

The Mëllerdall owes its name to the hilly landscape reminiscent of Switzerland. The Müllerthal is above all a unique biotope, characterised by beguiling rock formations. Rock and soil erosion have created the landscape so typical of Little Switzerland.

Mëllerdall & Ardennes

Story, Camera, Edit : Bert Schwarz

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Echternach, the capital of the Mullerthal region, is the oldest city in Luxembourg. In 2010, Echternach acquired an international reputation through its registration in the Intangible Heritage of the famous UNESCO Dance Procession. Among the most important sights of the city are the Roman villa, the Benedictine abbey Saint Willibrord or the cultural center of Trifolion.

The Müllerthal Trail leads the experienced hiker through 112 kilometres of wonderful valley paths. You will encounter rock formations with difficult names - e.g. Piteschkummer, Geyerslay or Hohllay. The hiking trails of the Müllerthal lead you through fields and forests into the heart of an almost intact nature. In addition to the challenging hikes, the Mullerthal offers a network of leisurely circular paths that lead to a variety of breathtaking panoramas.

Éislek, the Luxembourg Ardennes

by Bert Schwarz

The Éislek region (Luxembourg's Ardennes) with its majestic landscapes, alternating between picturesque highlands and winding valleys, offers an extraordinary experience of nature. Numerous cycle and hiking trails allow enthusiastic visitors to preamble through the forests and picturesque villages. The north of Luxembourg is home to some of the best preserved medieval remains in the region.

What else?

How You travel is a matter of taste. Very individual. Not really negotiable. And then it's the same every year: «Where we go?»

I won't go into the infinite possibilities here, you know them well enough yourself - at the latest when the offspring screams from behind from the corner (following an old commercial): «I want cows! »

To make a long story short: culture, movement, nature, ... Not to forget culinary delights become - already important, but nevertheless - accessories. The essential aspect is to get to know the country and its people. The easiest way to do this is with a caravan, because here I take care of myself, experience my own adventure unfiltered, directly and self-experienced.

At the end of a journey I can rightly say: «I know this area.» , and the people there.

I have also found in this region that which cannot be captured and framed either on screen or in photo and film files and can say: this part of France and its people I know.