River Moselle.

Schengen. Europas grenzenlose Wiege

by Bert Schwarz

The Moselle flows through France, Luxembourg and Germany past pitoresque medieval towns and vertiginous hillsides filled with vines. It meanders leisurely from place to place, holding in store sights of fairy-tale castles or fortresses, some destroyed by long-ago battles or lovingly restored and maintained. Around every bend in the river, wine restaurants and small towns glued to the hillsides await, where time seems to stand still.

Story, Camera, Edit : Bert Schwarz

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Stories from the Moselle
Near Bussang, in the southeast of the Vosges mountains, is the source of the Moselle river.
is known as Sleeping Beauty of the Mosel.
is thus considered a popular town and center of the Central Moselle.
is the tourist hub between Trier and Koblenz.
is the metropolis of the Luxembourg Moselle.
The grand finale on river Rhine.
has a beautiful old town center and promenades along riverside of Moselle.
Pearl of river Moselle. This is also reflected in the prices of the restaurants
is the cradle of borderless Europe.
Located on the Lyon-Trier axis, Toul has been an economic hub since Roman times.
is the oldest city in Germany, founded in 16 BC.

Schengen is the cradle of borderless Europe. The small wine-growing village was chosen because of its ideal location in the border triangle. Here the Benelux countries, France and Germany meet.

Schengen © Bert Schwarz.com

Whoever says Schengen thinks of peace and freedom, as well as traveling without stopping at the borders within Europe. History was made in 1985 in the small winegrowing village on the Moselle. The agreement named after this place was signed on the "MS Princesse Marie-Astrid". This was the first step towards the dismantling of barriers, border posts and border controls in large parts of Europe.

Here within the border triangle of Luxembourg - Germany - France, you can actually experience borderless Europe up close in Schengen: the gas stations are full of mostly German vehicles and Schengen wine is grown in all three countries.