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Check-In: Restaurants

La Villa Blanche, Chalèze.

Text & Photos: Bert Schwarz

Chalèze is a small village on the Doubs very close to Besançon. The cuisine was good average. We had eaten better meat with less tendons. The waitress was good on the first evening, we were invited to come back the next day for filming from the terrace over the river.


Exciting. A morbid charm flows through the restaurant.

Friendliness / Courtesy


After we were felt carried on our hands on the first day and invited to film the next day, we were again felt unwelcome the next day. Maybe because we really came back to the invitation?

Menu, Choice

The offer is neat. The card is presented conventionally. There were no recommendations.

How did it taste?

Not so great. The meat had too many tendons, which had apparently been overlooked while shopping.

Our recommendation

Ranking: 6.6 / 10

Bottom Line

The "complete package" was too expensive. The quality has "air to the top".

Not recommendable.

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