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Quay 16, Sanary-sur-Mer

Text & Photos: Bert Schwarz

We knew this restaurant from our last visit and wanted to see if anything had changed. Fortunately, nothing essential has changed. The patron is still very nice and courteous and his helper also takes care of the guests. Stupid only that we are not the only ones, who know this, but - above all also the natives. A table reservation is therefore urgently recommended.


The weather was nice. We were lucky. We had booked a table outside. Directly in front of the restaurant we got a strategically great place where we could see who was walking by. But this strategy was superfluous, because we quickly got into conversation with our table neighbours and it didn't matter who was strolling by now.

Friendliness / Courtesy


Menu, Choice

The offer is rich. The map is clear. The dishes are fresh. I rely on the suggestions of the Patron..

How did it taste?

Very good.

Our recommendation

Ranking: 10 / 10

Bottom Line

Perfect price-performance ratio. Perfect atmosphere.

Highly recommendable.

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