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Le Petit Bouchon, Mouans-Sartoux

Text & Photos: Bert Schwarz

My restaurant visits in Petit Bouchon are originally due to the proximity to our campsite. The old centre of Mouans-Sartoux is felt as a single restaurant with different departments in summer. Very nice, very extraordinary and very cosy.


I sit outside on a pedestal that compensates for the unevenness of the small sidewalk of the alley, walkers walk right through between the tables and in summer a small traffic jam, the Petit Bouchon, is actually created here.

Friendliness / Courtesy


Menu, Choice

The offer is rich. The map is clear. The dishes are fresh. I rely on the waiter's suggestions. You can't do anything wrong with that here.

How did it taste?

Very good.

Our recommendation

Ranking: 10 / 10

Bottom Line

Perfect price-performance ratio. Perfect atmosphere. For me this is a place to "come down" after a hectic day of shooting. Also the prices are fair, but not cheap, because the Provençal cuisine here is a rather upscale one...

Highly recommendable.

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