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Le Chalet du Cervin, Besançon

Text & Photos: Bert Schwarz

Apparently this s a place for the locals. And they usually know where it is good. And also in this case this is true. The service is friendly and nice, the kitchen is great, and the prices are right, too. So we were there two (!) times in a short time.


Exciting. The restaurant radiates a very special cosiness when the boss takes care of her guests herself.

Friendliness / Courtesy

The landlady and two young ladies take great care of every guest. And they are successful. As so often the menu was good, but the menus on the table were much tastier and the trust in the recommendation was not disappointed.

Menu, Choice

The offer is rich. The map is clearly laid out. The recommendations gave us a great dinner.

How did it taste?

Very good.

Our recommendation

Ranking: 10 / 10

Bottom Line

Perfect price-performance ratio. Perfect atmosphere.

Highly recommended.

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