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L'Arsenal, Nancy

Text & Photos: Bert Schwarz

Excellent cuisine and exceptional atmosphere we found here during our production research in Nancy. Located in the middle of the old town, this house is actually only visited by locals, the patron told us. Spring hadn't really started yet and with a bière de moment and a breathtaking menu the dirty weather outside became irrelevant.


Exciting. A mixture of old and modern, which radiated a very special cosiness even before other guests arrived.

Friendliness / Courtesy

The landlord and his waiter shall take care of the guest. Successful. As so often the menu was good, but the menus on the table were much tastier and the trust in the waiter was not disappointed. I gladly admit that I flirt with my - manageable - knowledge of French. And it is really edifying to find the right thing in a mixture of French and English. This is also great fun for my hosts.

Menu, Choice

The offer is rich. The map is clearly laid out. The recommendation of the waiter gave me a great dinner.

How did it taste?

Very good.

Our recommendation

Ranking: 10 / 10

Bottom Line

Perfect price-performance ratio.

Highly recommended.

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