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Sam Kullman's Diner, Linthe

Text & Photos: Bert Schwarz

In the beginning there was a horse-drawn carriage, then a dining car, then the diner in its perfect form and equipment. Following this historical and original philosophy, entrepreneur and restaurateur Thomas Feucht developed the concept of the "Kullman's Diner" in 1997.


The original Diner building in Linthe was built in New Jersey and shipped to Germany. Large parts of the interior are traditionally handcrafted in New Jersey and St. Louis.

"History, tradition and today's requirements for a contemporary restaurant concept form the basis of Kullman's Diner," says the operator.

One of our routine year-end meetings took us to Berlin, the empty tank across the street to the gas station and the curiosity in the evening to the diner.

Friendliness / Courtesy


Menu, Choice

Rich - and there is something for every taste. We had steak and meatballs; both were very good, the steak was priced a little bit on the expensive side, and provided with a manageable portion of French fries.

How did it taste?


Our recommendation

Ranking: 9.4 / 10

Bottom Line

It's something different, a change of pace.


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