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Zum Goldenen Hirsch, Speyer.

Text & Photos: Bert Schwarz

In the middle of Speyer lies this restaurant, where we stopped today, and it has a remarkable history: Before the great city fire of 1689 businessmen, merchants and grocers used the house here. After the reconstruction in 1700, long bookbinders worked here with their shops.

In 1890 the Ruppertsberg winegrower Valentin Acker acquired the estate and set up an inn for his son Johannes, which he called "Hirschen". The following tenant Georg Wambsganz gave the name "Zum goldenen Hirsch" to the economy.

So it exists until today and we could be surprised by house, kitchen and personnel, because here we were for the first time.


The weather was fine again. We were lucky. We had booked a table "outside if it's not raining". Directly in front of the restaurant we got a strategically great place where we could see who was walking by. That was funny and cozy. The atmosphere of the restaurant inside is, we think, very cosy, but not old-fashioned.

Friendliness / Courtesy

The ladies of the staff behave adequately without complaints. We feel welcome here. That's what we did the day before when we - as chance would have it - made our personal seat reservation, especially when we came for lunch on Sunday.

Menu, Choice

The offer is rich. The map is clearly laid out. And, as always, it was up to us that we could not decide for one or the other, because all possibilities sounded delicious.

How did it taste?

These are the dishes we chose:

Side salad; beef shreds with fried potatoes (instead of french fries) and tagliatelle with tomato-basil-sauce and fried chicken strips.

The ox scraps and tagliatelle were great and the quantity of dishes was just right. Compliments to the kitchen!

Our recommendation

Ranking: 9.7 / 10

Bottom Line

The price-performance ratio is perfect.

Very recommendable.

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