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Die Burrweiler Mühle, Burrweiler.

Text & Photos: Bert Schwarz

The hosts Michaela and Christian Wiss claim "A piece of paradise" for their house. As with all our visits to reisemagazin.tv check-in, we come privately and we don't award stars, chef's hats, or similar things, but rather give our impression of the house, staff, kitchen - quite subjectively and without any claim to general validity. Of course we also evaluate. That makes your life easier, we think, and it can be compared more quickly.


The weather was very nice when we visited the Burrweiler mill. We had booked a table in the garden area. Directly at the pond we could watch the buzzing dragonflies and enjoy a cheeky sparrow, who looked every now and then whether something had fallen to the ground for him. The place was a little cramped by the small width of the way between the individual tables. The view to the nearby vineyards and the garden reminded us a bit of the (much bigger) plants in South Africa, to which the temperatures (33°) on that day also contributed their rest.

Friendliness / Courtesy

The ladies of the staff behave adequately without complaints.

There is nothing serious to complain about. One young lady needs a little more time, the other a little less. Usually they seem to be slowed down by the stress of their task. You are not the only guest of the house. This balancing act was done very nicely by all the ladies we had to deal with.

Menu, Choice

The offer is rich. The menu is clearly laid out. We would have expected a little more choice for dessert.

How did it taste?

These are the dishes we chose:

Salad from the buffet; Landuro steak pork loin steak with natural fat edge fried from the local Landuro organic pork with homemade wild garlic butter and Saltimbocca with linguine as well as walnut cup: 3 scoops premium walnut ice cream with walnuts, walnut sauce and cream.

The salad from the buffet is tempting, tastes good, but you should practice self-discipline, especially if you go there hungry and successfully displace the main course. The pork loin steak was good, the portions of potatoes served were warm just before the last bite. The second dish, Saltimbocca, was served with meat and pasta. The walnut ice cream was okay.

Our recommendation

Burrweiler Mühle
Ranking: 6.25 / 10

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, we find that the quality of the dishes and the price called do not match.

All in all quite average and just recommendable.

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