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Bistro-Gusto, Grasse

Text & Photos: Bert Schwarz

How do you solve a (luxury) problem when you feel you know all the restaurants in the village, you are hungry and you have a hard time making up your mind? This problem usually solves itself, in our case by the irresistible smile of a young lady who serves Gusto in the bistro and invited us to sit down.


We sit outside at the Place aux Aires under sunshades that provide pleasant shade and listen to the recommendations of our waiters.

Friendliness / Courtesy

Irresistible. Great.

Menu, Choice

The menu is rich. The map is clear. The dishes are fresh. We rely on the service suggestions. With it you can do nothing wrong here, like everywhere else.

How did it taste?

Very good.

Our recommendation

Ranking: 10 / 10

Bottom Line

Not only because of the excellent (corsican) beer we were here more often and enjoyed the time in this restaurant.

Really very recommendable.

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