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Our Top 10

  1. Le Domaine Saint Sauveur, Grasse
  2. Best Western Plus® Elixir Hôtel et restaurant, Grasse
  3. Restaurant «Bistrot Gusto», Grasse
  4. Camping LaPaoute, Grasse
  5. Camping Campasun Parc Mogador, Sanary-sur-Mer
  6. Kanopee Village Camping, Trévoux
  7. Restaurant «Le Chalet du Cervin», Besançon
  8. Restaurant «Le Petit Bouchon», Mouans-Sartoux
  9. Restaurant «Rendez Vous», Grasse
  10. Restaurant «Quay16», Sanary

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Winefarms in South Africa.

Our Tip

Where to Sleep in Pays de Grasse?


LaPaoute, Grasse

Situated in the southern part of the city, but still incredibly quiet. This is what distinguishes the campsite in Grasse.

Camp Ground, Wachenheim

A good starting point for exploring the northern part of the German Wine Road.

Knaus Camp Park,
Bad Dürkheim

Recreation and a good starting point to the northern part of the German Wine Road.

Camp Ground Berlin-Kladow

The campsite Berlin-Kladow is located right to the former iron curtain on the western side.

Camping Officiel, Echternach

Camping Officiel in Echternach is about 20 minutes walk from the town centre.

Mosella, Perl

Camping Mosella in Perl is situated on the banks of the Moselle river.

La Plage, Besançon

Camping La Plage in Chalezeule is situated on the banks of the Doubs river.

Parc Mogador, Sanary

Camping Parc Mogador is a 4-star campsite.

Campingplatz Staufeneck, Piding

This is pure camping. No bells and whistles. Everything is there: Water, electricity, nature.

Kanopee Village Camping, Trévoux

The campsite is located on the outskirts of Trévoux, a small village in the L'Ain region.


Restaurant Delphi, Speyer

It is not easy to find a good restaurant in Speyer where you can also relax a little.

Bistro-Gusto, Grasse

How do you solve a (luxury) problem when you feel you know all the restaurants in the village, you are hungry and you have a hard time making up your mind?

Le Petit Bouchon, Mouans-Sartoux

The old town centre of Mouans-Sartoux is felt in summer as a single restaurant with different departments. Very nice, very different and very cosy.

Rendez-Vous, Grasse

My restaurant visits here are the result of discussions with a colleague from the Pays de Grasse Tourisme press office.

Hostellerie de la Basilique, Echternach

We found the small and fine Hostellerie de la Basilique in the middle of the historical centre of Echternach. Most of the sightseeings are only a few minutes walk away.

Rothaus, Perl

As base camp for our Luxembourg-Location Scouting we chose the campsite next door. So what could be closer than storming a restaurant within walking distance?

Sam Kullman's Diner, Linthe

Our routine end-of-year meeting took us to Berlin, the empty tank to the gas station opposite and the curiosity in the evening to the diner.

Quay 16, Sanary

We knew this restaurant from our last visits. The patron is very nice and courteous, the service excellent.

Dorfbrunnen, Hainfeld

Excellent cuisine and a cosy, middle-class ambience have been found here for almost 30 years.

Le Chalet du Cervin, Besançon

Apparently this is a place for the locals. And they usually know where it is good.

L'Arsenal, Nancy

Located in the middle of the old town, this house is actually only visited by locals, the patron told us.

Sallers Badehaus, Bernau

A place for locals and guests. The service is friendly and nice, the food is tasty and the prices are good.

Villa Blanche, Chalèze

The kitchen was average. We had eaten better meat before. The service was good.

Le Chaudron, Trévoux

Excellent cuisine and cosiness we found here during our visit to the region.

Zum Goldenen Hirsch, Speyer

The house with this restaurant has a remarkable history: business people used it before the great city fire.

Burrweiler Mühle, Burrweiler

The hosts Michaela and Christian Wiss claim "A piece of paradise" for their house. As always we come privately


Hôtel Elixir, Grasse

Not far from the historical city centre of Grasse I found the Hôtel Elixir, where I could also try their restaurant L'Elixir.

Le Domaine Saint Sauveur à Grasse

I found the Domaine Saint Sauveur in Grasse only by chance and now drive through the narrow streets to this refuge. I am more than surprised by the ambience and the locations.

Hôtel de Guise, Nancy

The Hôtel de Guise is a house with character, ideal in the centre of the old town, and very close to the Stanislas square.

Devonvale Golf & Wine Estate

... is a world-class championship golf course, winery and 4-star hotel, just five minutes from Stellenbosch.

Seehotel Grundlsee, Mosern

The Seehotel Grundlsee got its name after the lake in the Salzkammergut, on whose shore it lies directly.

Hotel Château Tilques, Saint-Omer

There are 28 rooms in the castle and another 24 in the Pavillon du Parc, in the old castle.