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Hotel de Guise, Nancy.

Hotel de Guise, Nancy.

Text & Photos: Bert Schwarz

The Hôtel de Guise in Nancy is a house with character. It is ideally located in the centre of the old town, very close to the famous Stanislas Square - an attractive hotel in a former manor house.

Sleeping & other amenities

Centuries after its construction, the hotel still exudes the typical atmosphere of the old house. The owners have carefully preserved the architectural and stylistic aspects of the previous epochs with many remarkable pieces of the past.

Its French-style ceilings with false beams and painted lilies, its monumental fireplace and stone floor, the Stanislas room (breakfast room) have the characteristic elements of Louis XIII's era. The staircase with its 18th century wrought-iron railing leads the guest from the ground floor to the floors with the rooms and suites. This staircase is inspired by Jean Lamour. He was the blacksmith in the service of the King of Poland, who had the gold-plated lattices made on Stanislas Square. This heritage is still present in the rooms, as the owners have preserved the parquet flooring of Versailles Castle.

Our recommendation

The hotel is in - almost - every respect a quiet and centrally located house. Restaurants and bars are around the corner and offer something to suit every taste.

My room
Ranking: 9.4 / 10

We found the parking situation very tricky, because parking spaces in front of the house are rare and usually occupied by the residents. We parked our car at Cours Léopold (subject to a fee!), which is about three minutes walk from the hotel. By car it takes longer because of the one-way streets... . For unloading and loading on arrival and departure we blocked the Rue de Guise for a short time and nobody complained. The concierge was very helpful with this operation.

The Conclusion

A beautiful house, centrally located, but with a few compromises in logistics when arriving by car.

Very recommendable.

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