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Caravanning News: LMC 420D STYLE

Technical data of interest to us:

LMC 420D Style, first registration May, 2016

  • Length*: 634 cm (incl. drawbar)
  • Outer body length*: 501 cm
  • Inner body length*: 437.5 cm
  • Width* (outside/inside) : 223/208 cm
  • Total/internal height*: 260.5/195.1 cm
  • Empty weight*: 941 kg
  • max. permissible total weight *: 1,300 kg
  • = Payload: 295 kg
  • Loadable* up to: 1,700 kg
  • =Max. payload*: 695 kg
  • Water tank: 44 l*
  • 100 km certification
*=Manufacturer's data; errors excepted

from reisemagazin.tv to actual situation changed layout LMC 420D Style

travel-magazine.tv Ranking: LMC 420D Style: 3 / 10

Excessively large hinges on the toilet door create a risk of injury.

Negligent processing outside

Negligent processing inside

Doubtful wiring in the front stowage box in the bow area of the bed box


Text & Photos: Bert Schwarz

With the caravan to the French Riviera and in L'Ain

Downsizing is modern at the moment, as it is with us - not only with regard to the towing vehicle. For our film production in southern France we chose a small caravan, which we liked very much at the dealer.

This caravan was recommended to us as a travel caravan, because its dimensions also fit through side roads in France and it seemed sufficient for a holiday trip, which 2 persons want to undertake: All facilities, such as sanitary, kitchen and a sufficiently large seat were there.


The first disillusionment was the look into the vehicle documents: 1,300 kg allow 295 kg payload, and they are reached very quickly. The technically possible load increase to 1,700 kg gross vehicle weight should actually become the standard. And the additional costs for the manufacturer are likely to be put into perspective by the volume.

At most, the manufacturer can be accused of offering such a layout with a transverse bed in the bow, which even young people would not be likely to find much favour over time. In any case, we had our fun for three weeks and the certain knowledge that our choice was not the best.

The architecture of the bathroom - this room by no means deserves the manufacturer's designation " bathroom " - impresses with a different floor plan compared to the one in the catalogue on the Internet. This in itself is not bad and legally also not vulnerable, but if the toilet is used according to its purpose, but the user is not a child or teenager of the stature, it is necessary to let the traveler participate in the hygiene work, since this activity was only possible with the bathroom door open. - A special kind of "fun".


We stay in the bathroom and the water supply. The "flushing" of the Dometec toilet does not deserve the name; we better conceal unappetizing details. The door hinges were larger than the thickness of the wood, so that even bruises are possible as an "extra". A 44-litre fresh water tank is, if you want to use the kitchen according to its purpose, very exciting and good for the physical training of the person who is allowed to fetch water in the canister from a tap of the campsite. If this reservoir is also used for flushing the toilet, it will cause a complete lack of understanding on our part. A well-functioning chemical toilet in a caravan has its own water supply, which can also be filled with the appropriate additives, which is of course impossible with the combined supply of drinking water and service water.

The level indicator of the water supply always showed an almost full tank. The conventional way of testing was then more effective: either waiting for the cry "no more water" or looking into the storage box from the outside with the flashlight.

Hot water supply was excellent. The refrigerator, also a Dometec device, was impractical in its layout, the cooling with gas unusable, with 220 V, however, without fault and blame.

Outside, the processing was partly sloppy: sealing compound had emerged during production and was left there. The electrical cables in the storage box ran unprotected across the direction of travel and the flexibility of the gas box flap was not conducive to building confidence in the stability of the caravan. The list of things that have to be individually changed on this vehicle includes the insect screen door, a roller blind that constantly jumped out of its lower and often also its upper guide. After some practice, the repair went well without tools - the caravan was only rented.

Bottom line

Is this caravan really practical and how is its equipment to be evaluated?

Clear vote: we find the caravan impractical and its equipment does not correspond to LMC's self-portrayal as it is understood by us. The seating group with its suspended table is theoretically smart, but in daily use only acceptable for one person. This applies to the already mentioned transverse bed and the "washroom". Even considering that a small caravan cannot offer the space of a 10 m tandem axle, one can expect that a caravan, which (quote from the LMC website) "... much more (is) than just an entry-level model. With its convincing room concepts, it offers the perfect combination of style, comfort and practical ideas. ... "Bai this model, caravan fans will not become repeat offenders, as predicted by LMC.

Update - last but not least

We are still waiting today for the statement announced by the manufacturer. A rogue who thinks bad.

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