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Camping Kanopée Village, Trévoux

Text & Photos: Bert Schwarz

The campsite is situated on the edge of Trévoux, a small village on the edge of the L'Ain region, which few people have heard of, right on the banks of the Saône. It is an old campsite that used to belong to the municipality and is now run by a private operator.

The age of the site is immediately apparent: spacious pitches under old trees that reminded us of a park landscape. The pitches are also quite flat, so that levelling the caravans or motorhomes does not cause any or little work.


Camping Kanôpée Village Sites et Paysages
Rue Robert Baltie
F-01600 Trévoux

Tel.: +33 4 74 08 44 83

Open March 15 - October 31


We found the ambience nostalgically beautiful. Located directly at the river, the traffic acoustically far away, every now and then a few joggers, cyclists or riders pass on the way between the campsite (fence) and the Saône. The large pitches, separated by hedges, guarantee a certain distance from the neighbours. - On the other hand, the supply and disposal facilities are not available according to today's standards, so you can "do" physical exercise.

Shortly before the end of the season only a few guests were still on site. The permanent campers broke down their tents in the truest sense of the word and so the site manager also had time for a chat or two or for tips on where to go. - And in the village itself we were told by the baker that we should remember that the next day was a rest day. Although it was also outside at the door.

To respond to the guest or customer, to think for him. In Germany rather rarely, whereby we enjoyed these friendliness all the more.

The possibilities

Trévoux itself is a small town with a great past. The museums and other interesting sights are within walking distance, there is great gastronomy and the region has a lot to see and do.

Our recommendation

Status: Fall 2016

Ranking: 8.6 / 10

Actually, everything you need for a stay is here. It is, however, much like from another time.


Recommended. What we criticized here are actually only things that stand out when you meet them unprepared and notice in surprise that the expectations are not fulfilled. Prepared with knowledge of the circumstances, one finds wonderful relaxation here.

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