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Restaurants we like

by Bert Schwarz

Bistrot de Mougins, Mougins

That's the place where excellent cuisine and art meet.

© Bert Schwarz

Rendez-vouz de Mougins, Mougins

I'm sitting under a tree growing through the porch roof.

© Bert Schwarz

L'Oustaou, Mouans-Sartoux

I really like these crepes here.

© Bert Schwarz

Tablier du boucher, Grasse

Behind the butcher shop a great restaurant is well hidden!

© Bert Schwarz

Restaurant Delphi, Speyer

Finding a good restaurant in Speyer is difficult.

© Bert Schwarz

Bistro-Gusto, Grasse

The solution to a (luxury) problem when you feel know all the restaurants in the place...

© Bert Schwarz

Le Petit Bouchon, Mouans-Sartoux

The old town centre of Mouans-Sartoux in summer is like a single restaurant with different departments.

© Bert Schwarz

Rendez-Vous, Grasse

Here I was on recommendation of a colleague from the press office Pays de Grasse Tourisme.

© Bert Schwarz

Hostellerie de la Basilique, Echternach

is located in the historical center of the city.

© Bert Schwarz

Rothaus, Perl

The catering corner during our «Luxembourg-Location Scouting» .

© Bert Schwarz

Quay 16, Sanary

We already know this restaurant from previous visits.

© Bert Schwarz

Le Chalet du Cervin, Besançon

Apparently this is a place for the locals. And as a rule they know where it's good.

© Bert Schwarz

L'Arsenal, Nancy

Located in the middle of the old town, this house is actually only visited by locals.

© Bert Schwarz

Sallers Badehaus, Bernau

Friendly service, tasty food, reasonable prices.

© Bert Schwarz

Le Chaudron, Trévoux

Excellent cuisine and cosiness we found here.

© Bert Schwarz

Zum Goldenen Hirsch, Speyer

The house with restaurant has a remarkable history.