Devonvale Golf and Wine Resort

Stellenbosch, South Africa

by Bert Schwarz

This story is the last one we produced in South Africa. We were fascinated by Estate's concept, the facilities and the people there. As far as we could follow up on the web, «only» the number of rooms and apartments increased. The rest apparently remained as we got to know it: fascinating.

Devonvale Golf & Wine Estate has a world-class championship golf course, winery and a 4-star hotel. It is located just five minutes from Stellenbosch or 30 minutes from Cape Town. The property is surrounded by vineyards, hills and majestic mountains. Here we have found a real jewel of the Bottelary Valley, right in the heart of Stellenbosch Wine-Country.

Story, Camera, Edit : Bert Schwarz

© Bert Schwarz 2015

We wake up from the rising sun and hear the birds chirp in the distance and look out of the window at the peaceful Stellenboscher Weinland. Steaming coffee for breakfast on the balcony wakes us up and we watch the golfers who have obviously successfully escaped from bed. In the distance, locals work between and on the vines.

Devonvale Golf & Wine Estate © Bert Schwarz

Complete, up to date information about the here only mentioned possibilities on Devonvale can be found on their website here.

The kitchen

We are already enjoying the wide panorama on the terrace over the river during the time that we are looking forward to our order with a glass of Shiraz. golf course and the remote vineyards of the Bottelary Valley.

And then it's a pleasure to try the dishes prepared by the chef and his team, and then add (at least) one bottle Provoyeur wine, of course from our own vineyard.

The restaurant is open to everyone every day and prides itself on offering the right menu for every occasion ... from which one also becomes full. In restaurant and the clubhouse there are 3 televisions, which ensure that no game (after your own) has to be missed.


Really highly recommended.