Camping Mosella


by Bert Schwarz

Camping Mosella in Perl is situated directly on the banks of the Moselle river. And on the other side of the river is Luxembourg.

The evaluation of the campsite is difficult. The site has a past that has caused a lot of work, the tenant told us how to cut wood, renovate water supply and sanitation. The Moselle flood in February 2018 and then brought further work, which was not finished by the end of March/beginning of April.

The place is now again properly accessible.

Camping Mosella, Perl © Bert Schwarz

The terrain is flat, we stood on paving slabs that were properly aligned and didn't cause us any problems with levelling. A Electricity box is very close, the tap for fresh water did not work because of a pipe damage, due to the flood. The Sanitary house is very clean and modernly equipped. The heating is missing, it has not been approved by the municipality. In the summer this is surely to get over it, at 4, 5°C outside temperature it's not really acceptable.

Camping Mosella, Perl © Bert Schwarz


Status: Spring 2018

Pures Camping: A quiet, conveniently located site as a starting point for all kinds of activities in the vineyards of Remich on the Luxembourger side, for a visit to the cradle of borderless Europe in Schengen or for visiting the city of Luxembourg, which can be reached in about 20 minutes by car. can be reached by car.

Otherwise a well equipped caravan is necessary.

Our recommendation

Camping Mosella, Perl © Bert Schwarz

The condition of the place was just acceptable with benevolence and in memory of the absence of stars. The sanitary facilities were clean but unheated, which was quite unpleasant for us in March.

You can stay here for one or two nights at warm temperatures, especially if the comfort deficit can be compensated in your own caravan or mobile home.