Camping Les-Pinèdes


by Bert Schwarz

Camping Les-Pinèdes is a 4**** campsite situated less than 10 km from the Mediterranean Sea in the small village of La Colle-sur-Loup.We are here in southeastern France, to be precise, in the Côte d'Azur region.

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The campsite is harmoniously situated on a 4 hectare site with lots of trees. The paths to the pitches are generously dimensioned so that even 2.50 m wide 10 m caravans can easily be pulled to the site of your choice.


Office de Tourisme
10 Avenue de Provence
F-06480 La Colle sur Loup
Phone : +33 4 93 32 68 36

Camping les Pinèdes****
1402 Route du Pont de Pierre
F-06480 La Colle-sur-Loup
Phone : +33 4 93 32 98 94

Open from
April 01 to September, 30


Camping les Pinèdes © Bert Schwarz Camping les Pinèdes © Bert Schwarz

The sanitary facilities are sparkling clean, attractive and modern. The manager told us that he would completely renovate the houses every five years, because his guests should find the same level of comfort on the place as at home when it comes to hygiene.

Camping les Pinèdes © Bert Schwarz
Camping les Pinèdes © Bert Schwarz>

The pitches are also generously sized and - by eye - excellently levelled. Electricity and water connections are in place, which pleasantly shortens the time spent on «household chores».

Camping les Pinèdes © Bert Schwarz
Camping les Pinèdes © Bert Schwarz

The route to the camping site

The way to the campsite is actually very easy, you take the A8 to Cagnes-sur-Mer, leave the motorway there, follow the D6 to Colle sur Loup and on this road through the village to find the entrance on the right just before leaving the village. - The road is curvy and confusing for those who drive here for the first time. If the entrance is missed and a large caravan hangs on the hook, reversing becomes complicated and nerve-wracking. The route to Grasse, which then lies in front of you, is completely unsuitable for caravans in our opinion...

Camping les Pinèdes © Bert Schwarz
Camping les Pinèdes © Bert Schwarz

The possibilities

This is a strategically good starting point for different interests that can be served at the same time. The sea and the city we prefer Antibes are «around the corner». Grasse and its perfumers can be perfectly explored from here. Who likes art, is in Mougins right or raves with his children in the Parc de la Moulièreout.

You will find a larger overview of the places we visited here.

Our recommendation

Stand: Summer 2019

This year we visited in the course of our research about La Colle sur Loup without our bed on wheels the place. It simply convinced us. The place fulfills without further ado the requirements to the 4***-Level, the manager and his wife have been very nice to us and the staff we met makes a competent impression and is just as cordial as we were. know it in this region by now, appreciate it ... and expect it in silence.

Our conclusion

We think highly recommended. We will see whether this is really the case in 2020, when we will reappear here with the caravan in the previous season.