Camping LeParadis


by Bert Schwarz

Get to know in 2019

We came to this place by word of mouth. In the literal sense. In 2019, we met a motor home owner from a county next door, who raved about the place.

We decided to go there and were very surprised. The layout and ambience convinced us at first sight. What we found was the proverbial contrast to almost everything we had seen in this region before.

Camping LeParadis

Story, Camera, Editor : Bert Schwarz

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Live in Paradies (2020)


Camping Le Paradis
La Rebeyrolle
F-24290 St-Léon-sur-Vézère
Dordogne – France
Tel.: +33 5 53 50 72 64
Fax: +33 5 53 50 75 90

2020 is the year of the corona eruption and travel restrictions. A year full of history. Nothing works as it was once planned. For us this meant postponing the trip planned for May until September and to monitor the development of infection rates and travel warnings of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - actually up to date - to keep an eye on.

The rules of the game in France were similar to those in Germany: mask - distance - hygiene.

The outdoor facilities are tastefully and lovingly designed. The paths are also suitable for 2½ m wide caravans. The entrance to our section was too narrow and so we were allowed to do showtime with the caravan's mover. Especially the motorhome owners were fascinated.

Camping Le Paradis © Bert Schwarz
Camping Le Paradis © Bert Schwarz

The booked pitch was excellent: large, level and all (booked) connections such as electricity, water and sewage on site.

The pitches are separated from each other by large hedges and so you stay private.

Camping Le Paradis © Bert Schwarz
Camping Le Paradis © Bert Schwarz

The sanitary facilities are excellent and clean. This applies to the showers, the sinks and even to the emptying point for the chemical toilet. The additional hygiene measures due to the pandemic were all meticulously implemented.

Camping Le Paradis © Bert Schwarz
Camping Le Paradis © Bert Schwarz

A few steps from our campsite, the Vézère, a tributary of the Dordogne, invites you to paddle and leave your feet in the water.

Camping Le Paradis © Bert Schwarz
Camping Le Paradis © Bert Schwarz

On the course itself there are several well-kept pools, which invite you to cool off in high temperatures, and pedal cars for the slightly bigger kids.


The campsite is located in the Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère area; the village itself is about 10 minutes drive away. There are great restaurants, but there are no stores for daily needs.

Camping Le Paradis © Bert Schwarz

To go grocery shopping you drive to Montignac. There is a smaller Intermarché right on the main road, where we really got everything we needed for living.

As a foreigner you should only pay attention when filling up your tank: In the morning the cash desk is occupied. There is no problem with a foreign credit card. But if you can only fill up at the vending machine, you should have enough fuel in your tank to get to the next (supermarket) gas station in Thenon. It is about 25 km away, belongs to the Carrefour chain and did not cause us any problems.

After this lesson we started to fill up our tank in bigger cities, like Bergerac or Sarlat, when we just passed there. We would like to give you this as a tip.

Our recommendation

What's nearby?

Montignac is the nearest town to the north-east (turn right at the entrance). Here you can shop quickly and cheaply in the Intermarché, in town there are a number of restaurants; we think everyone will find something suitable. There is also the world-famous Lascaux Cave, which was rebuilt as "Lascaux II" to preserve the original works of art. They suffered from the exhalations of the too many visitors.

Lascaux-II © Bert Schwarz
Camping Le Paradis © Bert Schwarz

If you turn left at the entrance of the campsite, you will reach a bridge over the Vézère after 5 minutes. On the other bank of the river, turn left again to reach the rock of St. Christophe, a limestone rock inhabited for 55,000 years.

About half an hour further on is Les Eysies, where the Musée national de Préhistoire is located, a highlight if you want to immerse yourself in local history.

Le Roque St. Christophe © Bert Schwarz
Eyzies © Bert Schwarz

If the circles of personal interest become larger, you will reach Sarlat-la-Canéda or Bergerac. Other destinations in the Dordogne Region for every taste are also easily accessible from here.

Bergerac © Bert Schwarz
Sarlat-la-Canéda © Bert Schwarz

One last note for the time planning: The roads here are very curvy, overtaking is hardly possible and the average speed is far below what you are used to in Germany. If time plays a role, one should not overlook this fact.

Our conclusion

It was a dream and we have already made reservations for our next production trip in June 2021.

Camping Le Paradis © Bert Schwarz

Very recommendable.