Camping de la Plage


by Bert Schwarz

The Camping de la Plage in Chalezeule, a suburb of Besançon, capital of the Franche-Comté region, is situated on the banks of the Doubs river and is easily accessible via the main roads of the department. However, the access road is tricky if you come from Belfort via the D683 road.

Besançon and the timepieces

Story, Camera, Editor : Bert Schwarz

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Flat terrain makes levelling the caravan easy.

We found the sanitary facilities very tidy, the taps for the fresh water supply are numerous, and necessary for the physical training, because The systems are not suitable for a direct fresh water connection. Service and waste water disposal are also okay.


Besançon Tourisme et Congrès
2 place de la 1ère Armée française
F-25000 Besançon
Phone : +33 3 81 80 92 55

Camping de la Plage
12 route de Belfort
F-25220 Chalezeule
Phone : +33 3 81 88 04 26

Open from
March, 15 to October, 31


Camping de la Plage © Bert Schwarz Camping de la Plage © Bert Schwarz

The sanitary facilities are clean and acceptable. The power supply at the pitches is state-of-the-art. EC sockets are available and no adapter to Schuko plugs is required.

The pitches themselves are of different size and level.

The fresh water supply is good and within hose reach.

The possibilities

Besançon is a city with many sights, great gastronomy and also the region offers endless things to see and experience.

Our recommendations

Status: Spring, 2017

We were not so happy with the fresh water and electricity supply. There is a need for investment. - More information can be found directly on the website of the camp ground. The opening hours should be observed as this campsite is only open from March 15 to October 30.