Camping d'Orpheo Negro


by Bert Schwarz

Camping d'Orpheo Negro is a 3*** site, about 25 km from Périgeux. We are here in south-western France, precisely, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

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The campsite is harmoniously situated on a 4 hectare site with lots of trees. The paths to the pitches are generously dimensioned so that even 2.50m wide 10m long caravans can easily be pulled to the pitch of choice.

Orpheo Negro Stellplatz © Bert Schwarz

What's possible

We meet an english couple, he is a passionate fisherman and feels like in seventh heaven.

It's really quiet here. Feel like we're camping here wild.

For excursions it is important to know that at 20 o'clock the barrier remains closed. The car must then be parked in front of the pitch and the way to your own bed goes then on foot. The walk is annoying, especially if food has been bought before. The safety of the car doesn't seem to be an issue to us. Signs of insecurity we have not seen or felt.

Orpheo Negro Wasserboiler © Bert Schwarz
Orpheo Negro Wasserboiler © Bert Schwarz>

You need a car to go shopping. The nearest supermarket in the direction of Périgueux is 20 minutes away. In the direction of Bergerac you have to drive into the villages. There are certainly other supermarkets, which may not be so far away - we didn't find them anyway.

On the spot you can have a good meal: in the restaurant hotel, approx. 300 m away. For reasonable prices you get good menus and the atmosphere is nice.

Sanitary & Co.

There is everything you need. - Hot water comes after we have spoken to the manager. The washing machine works after we have informed her that it is not working. The cleanliness of the rinsing stone is just okay, the disposal point for the chemical toilet is an insult. There are fresh water points distributed over the course, but without screw cap, so that traditional water carrying is necessary.

Our recommendation

Status: late fall, 2019

The website of the square is excellently designed. It does not at all reflect the reality on site. With some compromises we could compensate the missing conveniences of the place by the level of our caravan to some extent.

Orpheo Negro Waschhaus © Bert Schwarz
Orpheo Negro © Bert Schwarz>

Our conclusion

For a one and a half week stay, which we mainly used for research and first film shoots and due to the upcoming ending of the season it was bearable. The manager's charming excuses also raise our mood.

Nevertheless: if you don't want to waste a lot of time on maintaining the caravan with extensive water supply and disposal, as well as time consuming disposal of the chemical toilet, you should not book in here..

Even if the place is very cheap, we cannot recommend it.