AZUR Camping


by Bert Schwarz

The AZUR camping site is located on the Danube in Regensburg, approx. 10 minutes by car from the old town and a multi-storey car park. To book online in advance is necessary, because the place is often fully booked and the next camping site is about 18 km away. For a stay in Regensburg this place is therefore ideal.

AZUR Camping, Regensburg

Story, Camera, Editor : Bert Schwarz

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The place is even and aligning the caravan is no problem. Electricity is available, but having a long wire is advantageous. If this is not the case, there is a solution in the form of extension cables in the reception.

The place is old, the management, for about 1 year «dabei», brings it successively, as I was told, to today's level. The local employees and management are very friendly, nice and helpful.

Azur Camping Regensburg © Bert Schwarz

Sleeping & other comforts

The sanitary facilities are clean and completely acceptable. The power supply at the pitches is partly only accessible with very long cable; electro-technical the hardware is state of the art. EC sockets are available and no adapter to Schuko plug is required. The extension of the Junction boxes is a topic that is in work.

The pitches themselves are of different size and level.

The fresh water supply is good, but here the fetching of water is still to be understood in the literal sense.

Azur Camping Regensburg © Bert Schwarz

The possibilities

For me Regensburg was a little bit adorned at the beginning: The signage is certainly good for initiates, on the first visit without an address, which could make the navigation system an aid, I first wandered across the Danube and back, ended at the borders of the pedestrian zone, then drove accidentally in the right direction with a destination, a multi-storey car park with enough free spaces, overlooked the way to the entrance and finally found the right way in after a U-Turn.

The multi-storey car park is conveniently located to the old town, is (therefore?) not quite cheap and has parking bays that are simply too small for a car with middle-class dimensions.

«French parking» (= use 2 adjacent parking spaces) is not quite fine, but I see it as self-defense against an inappropriate offer ... and I am in best company with local drivers...

Our recommendation

Status: June, 2019

Azur Camping Regensburg © Bert Schwarz

There is need for investment, which is known to the operator, but camping is not a package holiday, so the offer fits the reality. - More information is available directly on the site of the campsite. The opening hours should be observed, then check-in and check-out are also completely stress-free in this respect.