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Jean Niel

Jean Niel, Grasse

by Bert Schwarz

If you visit Grasse, must be involved in the subject of "perfume". Not only because of the topic, but because otherwise the understanding for this town will remain sealed no matter if you go or drive through. As always, everything here is connected with everything and the development of the city is inseparable blended with the Development of fragrances. After a while I had the feeling as if history, the past of the city and the region continuously without any fractures to the present simply is there.

This is a very exciting experience that I did not have so intensely in other places.

... and then there's another hidden champion in Grasse on the outskirts of town that doesn't have to be known to the general public, because the Jean Niel company operates its business for the trade as an important supplier, not for the end consumer.

Jean Niel, Grasse

Author, camera, edit : Bert Schwarz

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Jean Niel has been the leading house of fragrances since 1779 and embodies the know-how passed down from generation to generation. Today, the company offers its customers an infinite choice of fragrances and flavours. The French craft company meets the challenges and wishes of its partners by reinventing customisation and customising customer relationships. Jean Niel is firmly focused on the future, promoting creativity and offering innovative solutions based on experience and experimentation.

I was privileged to visit this exceptional company and take a tiny look behind the scenes.

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