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Fragonard Parfumeur

Fragonard Parfumeur, Grasse

by Bert Schwarz

If you visit Grasse, must be involved in the subject of "perfume". Not only because of the topic, but because otherwise the understanding for this town will remain sealed no matter if you go or drive through. As always, everything here is connected with everything and the development of the city is inseparable blended with the Development of fragrances. After a while I had the feeling as if history, the past of the city and the region continuously without any fractures to the present simply is there.

This is a very exciting experience that I did not have so intensely in other places.

Fragonard Parfumeur, Grasse

Author, camera, edit : Bert Schwarz

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Fragonard, a story, a family...

Not long before the World War I, Eugène Fuchs, an entrepreneur with heart and soul and caught by the magic of perfume, decided to establish his own company. His business idea was based on a completely new concept at the time, the direct sale of perfume products to tourists who began to discover the charm of the Riviera. This was the beginning of the Fragonard perfumery in 1926.

The choice of the company name is a tribute to the famous painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806) from Grasse, the Eugène Fuchs of the city of Grasse, which became home to him and his family, and to the beauty of art in the 18th century. This decision also expresses his desire to continue and preserve his activity in and with his company traditions.

In the meantime, the spirit of the company has been continued in this spirit by the next three generations, who have taken over the management of the company today. They set up new production and sales units in Grasse and Éze, as well as in Paris. Jean-François Costa began the modernization of the company. A great lover of art, he assembled his collections of objects on the history of perfumery in the 1970s to open the Musée de Grasse and two small museums in Paris.

Today, the daughters Agnès and Françoise manage the fate of the company. Like the previous generations, they developed a sophisticated universe inspired by Provence or marked by the exoticism of the company's flavoured products to adapt their company to new, ever-changing styles of the time.

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