Jean-Michel Ranc

A Cabinetmaker by Passion

by Bert Schwarz

Jean-Michel Ranc is an ebenist (cabinetmaker) by passion. His special talent is the restoration and creation of furniture with marquetry work. He uses different materials: first of all wood, but also mother-of-pearl, ivory, horn, tortoiseshell, zinc, metal and semi-precious stones.

Story, Camera, Edit : Bert Schwarz

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Karin and Jean-Michel Ranc have been living in the narrow alley Rue des Orphèvres within the old village of Mougins for 30 years.

Jean-Michel Ranc © Bert Schwarz

They spent most of their time in their two workshops and their shop practising the «finest craftsmanship in the world»: the restoration and conservation of antique furniture and gilded wood.

Jean-Michel Ranc © Bert Schwarz

Your adjacent interior design store «Arts de la maison» is full of surprises just waiting to be discovered.

Jean-Michel Ranc © Bert Schwarz