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Musée International de la Parfumerie

Musée International de la Parfumerie

by Bert Schwarz

Founded in 1989, the International Perfumery Museum is the only one of its kind in the world and is part of the emblematic area of the city of Grasse, the cradle of luxury perfumery initiated by France.

Musée International de la Parfumerie (MIP)

Author, Camera, Edit : Bert Schwarz

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The Musée International de la Parfumerie, a public institution with the "Musée de France" label, is dedicated to one of France's most prestigious traditional activities and offers visitors the opportunity to discover the history and originality of the work of industrialists and the major perfumery houses. As a true testimony to the international technical, aesthetic, social and cultural history of the tradition of fragrance use, the museum approaches the history of fragrances in all its aspects through an anthropological approach - raw materials, production, industry, innovation, trade, design, applications and through very different forms - art objects, decorative art, textiles, archaeological witnesses, unique pieces or industrial forms.

According to a western historical chronology - antiquity, the Middle Ages, modern times and modern times - the museum is divided into five parts, each representing a historical period and contemporary themes: Elegance and classicism, magic and dynamism, light-heartedness and hygiene.

In all civilizations, perfumes have led to incredible production by precious and refined objects made of rare materials: Alabaster, glazed earthenware, ceramics, glass, forged metal. The museum retraces the history of perfumes, soaps, make-up and cosmetics over the last four millennia by means of exceptional collections of objects and examples of various industrial techniques.

The 21st century museum takes a look at the past, but also at the present and even the future, when we think of the section on the era of globalisation, marketing and communication and new markets.

The gardens of MIP

Rose Centifolia, jasmine, tuberose, lavender, geranium, broom, orange tree...., perfumes are first born in plants, by here or elsewhere. In the unique surroundings of the gardens of the International Perfumery Museum, we discover and smell these species, which for centuries have provided valuable raw materials for perfumery.

In Mouans-Sartoux I visited the gardens, could relax wonderfully and completed my understanding of the topic Perfum.

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