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Arts and Crafts at Lake Ammersee

Gunnar Schweizer

Arts and Crafts at Lake Ammersee

Gunnar Schweizer, Diessen

by Bert Schwarz

In the small tin foundry at Gunnar Schweizer, Arts and Crafts with their centuries of tradition are at home in Diessen at Lake Ammersee which is in Upper Bavaria near Munich.

Arts and Crafts at Lake Ammersee

Author, Camera, Edit : Bert Schwarz

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The company, founded at Christmas 1796 by Adam and Monika Schweizer, is also meant to be a look into the history of Bavarian craftsmanship.

The company Babette Schweizer is the only still existing original of an old trade of the Kreuzl- und Bettermacher (also called Small Tin Foundry) from the Lake Ammersee region

The profession should not mixed up with a large tin foundry (pewter dishes) or a pure figure-office (pewter figures).

"In almost 300 years of our craftsmanship and the resulting foundation of the company over 200 years ago, we have preserved many unique, documents of this local craftsmanship, which are still produced in our Upper Bavarian workshop today as they were then, using the same original materials," says Gunnar Schweizer.

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