Didier Gagelewski

Composer of Fragrances

by Bert Schwarz

Didier Gaglewski, «Nose» in Grasse, began to offer his creations in Salons en Provence later in Paris, Germany and Switzerland. He sees himself as both "craftsman" and "artist" and decides to offer his creations directly to his customers, driven by the philosophy that quality, originality and respect for composition by perfumes spoil his customers with joy and quality.

Story, Camera, Edit : Bert Schwarz

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Demanding is his work as each of his fragrances, created in the private seclusion of his laboratory, each requires several months of research and development.

Didier Gagleweski © Bert Schwarz

In collaboration with Michelle Cavalier and "le Jardin de la Bastide", Didier Gaglewski also stays close to the flowers and the work on the ground: his research to revive past extraction techniques and to seduce the plants with their typical regional scents make his approach very personal and authentic.

Didier Gagleweski © Bert Schwarz

His small shop in Grasse, 12 rue de l'Oratoire, is just a few steps away from the International Perfume Museum and offers the opportunity to discover his fragrances and his latest creations yourself and under expert guidance.

Didier Gagleweski © Bert Schwarz

This unconventional perfumer is characterised by the compositions he creates in Grasse, his decision to use natural raw materials and his quest for clarity.