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Château de la Buzine

Château de la Buzine


by Bert Schwarz

Marcel Pagnol bought La Buzine in 1941 and wanted to turn it into a film city and create a real "Hollywood Provençal". He knows the castle, whose owner and dog scared his mother in his childhood on the way to the holidays.

The Château de la Buzine, built in 1867, achieved world fame with "My Father's Glory" and "My Mother's Castle", Marcel Pagnol's two-volume memoirs and the film versions by 1990.

Château de la Buzine

La Maison des Cinématographies de la Méditerranée

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Bert Schwarz

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The Château de la Buzine was bought by the city of Marseille in 1991, and in recent years the façade has been massively renovated, while the interior has been extended and completely renovated for 11.4 million euros.

The converted castle is also known as "La Maison des Cinématographies de la Méditerranée". In a modern media library there is a 345-seat projection room where films from all Mediterranean countries are shown.

There is also an exhibition room, a library, rooms dedicated to Pagnol and the history of the castle, and a restaurant. Click on this link to find the current programme.

The Château de la Buzine was originally located in a vast, beautiful 40-hectare park dotted with ornamental basins and fountains, rare plants and trees, thanks to the water from this canal, which was so present in Pagnol's books. Today there are still four hectares left for visitors to walk on.

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