Jean-Pierre Boselli

Flacons made of wood

by Bert Schwarz

Jean-Pierre Boselli was born in Grasse and is the son and grandson of perfume plant manufacturers. He grew up in the world of flowers and fragrances, which were the basis of his artistic talents.

Story, Camera, Edit : Bert Schwarz

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For him, wood is a material from nature that opens up the possibility for him to combine his two passions, perfume and wood.

Jean-Pierre Boselli © Bert Schwarz

The first bottles he made in 1978, formed from his emotions and fantasies that moved him, made from a variety of woods, such as snakewood, amaranth, rosewood, yellow heart, pink ivory, ebony and of course the wood of his native olive tree.

Jean-Pierre Boselli © Bert Schwarz

Each bottle is unique and is sold with its own detailed certificate.

Jean-Pierre Boselli © Bert Schwarz

Jean-Pierre Bosellis works can be purchased in a small boutique in the Rue de l'Oratoire, just opposite the Rue des Fabreries, which leads to the Place aux Aires.

A real gem with exquisite art objects made with lifeblood.