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Wine country South Africa

Wines from our favourite vineyards.

Wine country South Africa.

compiled by Bert Schwarz

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Do you like South African wine?

That is what we are doing. That is why we have compiled a list of vineyards that we would like to name and recommend.

South African wine is a product that is becoming more and more popular as quality increases. It is often not known what vineyards look like, some of which have centuries of tradition, and how welcome you are as guests. During our travels around the world, we have met these vineyards among others.

Clos Malverne Wine Estate

Nestled in the beautiful Devon Valley is Clos Malverne Winery, a family business that has been producing wine since 1985.

Muratie Wine Estate

Standing at the front door of Muratie, you will see a small white house. This was the first house built by Lourens Campher for his family. Next to it is the oak tree planted by his wife, Ansela van de Caab. The strength and beauty of this tree is still today proof of the great, steadfast love that Lourens had for his Ansela.

Vergelegen Wine Estate

Officially, the estate belongs to the Helderberg Wine Route. Misérable is undoubtedly one of the best excuses for visiting Somerset West: Not only because of the buildings listed in the Dutch style, but also because of the best South African wines, which are grown here.

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