Sparkling wine from Wachenheim Castle

by Bert Schwarz

Around 1730 the castle Wachenheim was built. Today it is an important cultural monument in the middle of Wachenheim an der Weinstrasse.

It was the Baron Johann Georg von Sussmann, Court Councillor to the Elector of Mannheim, who had the Wachenheim Palace built in rural Baroque style. In 1880 the wine merchant Georg Böhm bought the estate and operated a sparkling wine factory next door.

Story, Camera, Edit : Bert Schwarz

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A developing story

Between 1924 and 1939, the then majority owner of the Kommerzienrat Carl Josef Wagner winery had the estate redesigned. The entire ensemble, such as the gate passage, the administration building, the large marble hall and the filling hall have remained almost unchanged architecturally to this day.

Schloss Wachenheim © Bert Schwarz

History and tradition: Producing sparkling wine

Each sparkling wine gets its individual note through the selection and composition of the grape varieties used. Then one distinguishes basically between three types of Sparkling wine production: the tank fermentation, the bottle fermentation in the transvasier process, where the wine is first filled into a bottle for fermentation and then into a new» bottle for the connoisseur, which is «traditional method», where the sparkling wine matures in the same bottle during the entire fermentation process. The Editional Sparkling Wine from the House of Schloss Wachenheim is produced exclusively in the traditional Bottle fermentation process produced.

Schloss Wachenheim © Bert Schwarz
Schloss Wachenheim © Bert Schwarz

The top products of the Schloss Wachenheim estate are composed of selected regional grape varieties, which give each cuvée its individual character. The premium sparkling wine of their grape variety editions, made exclusively from Pfälzer quality wines offered in limited edition. The Edition sparkling wines mature for at least nine months in the bottle. This allows sparkling wine lovers to enjoy the high quality of their Cuveés again and again.