Culinary delights in France
Mas de l’Olivine.

A visit to Domaine du Mas de l'Olivine

Visiting Audrey's country estate

by Bert Schwarz

It's the time of the rose blossom when we meet Audrey and her husband Thierry. Everything is done by hand, because there are no machines for harvesting the delicate rose petals. And so the couple Audrey and Thierry Bortolini spend hour after hour in their small fields and harvest the raw material for ... everything that smells and tastes good.


A visit on Audrey's estate

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Bert Schwarz

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Here we meet two lovers of agriculture and aromas. Audrey is the fourth generation of a family of farmers and Thierry is a gardener who has created the most beautiful private Mediterranean gardens. For us, they open the doors of their 18th century family business, where they grow plants that are the basis of perfume.

We are at the Domaine du Mas de l'Olivine in Peymeinade, a small village about 10 minutes off Grasse.

At Audrey's estate there are regular events for the young and the old - or all together. And strangers are also welcome. However, you should have at least some knowledge of French. At the end of one's (French) words, just continue in English ... it works. This is especially true for the other guests you meet. - I know what I'm writing about, because I was invited to an event and after a short time not only the foreigner, but was "right in the middle of all".

As the available places are not limitless, a reservation is obligatory. Information about the events, how and where to register is available here.

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