Culinary delights in France
Chocolate from Maison Duplanteur.

Chocolate from Maison Duplanteur

by Bert Schwarz

Whether wrapped in film, in the form of chocolate bars, candy or holiday chocolates, chocolate is present in (almost) every home. 97% of French people consume chocolate at least once a week, making it the seventh largest consumer of chocolate in the world. Maison Duplanteur wishes to share this passion for chocolate.


Chocolate from Maison Duplanteur

Author, Camera, Edit : Bert Schwarz

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How do you get to such a place when the city is unknown and the amount of knowledge is quite manageable?

The shop and the small production it houses attract attention when you walk through the narrow streets of Grasse with a little leisure. - Then we go inside, ask questions, make an appointment and give you a glimpse of the best chocolate we've eaten so far.

It is interesting to know where chocolate comes from, where the cocoa beans used come from and how chocolate is made. The process of transforming the cocoa bean into a chocolate bar is complex and Maison Duplanteur controls the entire process from beginning to end... in the store.

Selection, drying, roasting, grinding etc....... There are 10 steps between harvesting the cocoa bean and the finished product, which is presented to the consumer. We were able to see part of the production process at the Maison Duplanteur factory in Grasse. First, there is the "guillotine" in which the grains are placed and divided into two parts to assess their quality. Quality can be determined by colour and undesirable varieties are sorted to maintain the bitterness of the chocolate coating - the thick chocolate mass - low. The selected beans are roasted at 100°C. It releases their aroma. The grains are then crushed in the mill and separated from the shell. Nothing is lost: the residue is still used as compost or to flavour, for example for lip balm.

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