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Fois Gras - the speciality from Périgord

by Bert Schwarz

We are in a place that should also inspire you, located on the border between the Périgord Noir and Bergeracois regions. On the hills above the Dordogne we meet Isabelle and Pierre-Yves Kuster on their goose and duck farm, which is one of the most beautiful and traditional farms.

Story, Camera, Edit : Bert Schwarz

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Pierre-Yves Kuster explains to us with great passion for these animals, how they are raised with great care for several months before they are turned (not without regret) into wonderful foie gras, rillettes, confits and other good things.

Especially about foie gras we only had the usual, common knowledge about the supposedly poor and tortured animals.

Florian © Bert Schwarz
Florian © Bert Schwarz

The Kuster family offers foie gras and original or traditional homemade dishes from the Périgord. These preparations are made without additives, chemical preservatives, colourings or artificial flavour enhancers from fattened breeding geese and ducks. The production takes place in facilities approved according to EC standards and strictly controlled by the competent state authorities. Through rigor and deontology, and even philosophy, the Kuster couple have imposed specifications on their company that respect coherent traditional practices and guarantee the customer a healthy and tasty product.

Florian © Bert Schwarz
Florian © Bert Schwarz

In 1982, the family moved to the Périgord and marked the beginning of this adventure, which was started by Pierre-Yves' father Michel. - Today we see the result of years of work, patience and feathers without end. And we had the pleasure of listening to Pierre-Yves about his profession.