Sweets made by Florian.

A family-run candy factory.

by Bert Schwarz

Confiserie Florian is not far from Grasse, the world capital of fragrances and perfumes, in the hinterland, which is also a land of gastronomes. In the heart of this exceptional region, the know-how of confectionery production is passed down and improved from generation to generation. Here, between the Loup stream that has dug its way through the limestone mountain (Gorges du Loup), the golden fruits of the Riviera have been transformed into wonderful delicacies for more than half a century. These candied fruits are a feast for the eyes and taste. Today, as in the past, gourmets meet here to discover their treasures in the prestigious Florian confectionery catalogue.

Story, Camera, Edit : Bert Schwarz

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Candied rose petals

In the Pays de Grasse - Le Plan, Plascassier, Tourrettes-sur-Loup, Pégomas, Opio, Vence... - It is also from here that roses, worked and interpreted in the workshops of Confiserie Florian, come to speak, centifolia and tango. The first thing that has inspired the greatest perfumers and made Grasse the world capital of perfume is the "hundred leaves" in May. The large petals of the second are ideal for making crystallized flowers, mixed with sugar and soaked in sweet syrup for twelve hours.

We are inside the Confiserie Florian in Pont de Loup, a small village about 40 minutes off Grasse.

Florian © Bert Schwarz
Florian © Bert Schwarz

History and tradition

Established in 1949, Confiserie Florian des Gorges du Loup is located in an exceptional site between the Gorges du Loup creek and the mountains of the Grasse hinterland. Decorated with antique furniture from the 17th and 18th centuries from the South of France, Confiseries Florian has combined tradition, refinement and flavours.

Florian © Bert Schwarz
Florian © Bert Schwarz

The quality of their products was appreciated in 1972 by winning the award of the Coupe d'Or du Bon Goût Français. Encouraged by this growing success and after buying the famous Florian brand, Confiserie Florian du Vieux Nice opened its doors in 1974 in the Port of Nice, in the original location of the former Florian chocolate factory, well known to Nice and the famous painter Matisse.