Château Court les Mûts

Top wines from the Périgord Purple

by Bert Schwarz

The area of the «purple Périgord» is named after the many vineyards that can be found here, which are in some way in the shadow of the Bordeaux wine region. We visit the Sadoux family's winery and accompany them for a day during the grape harvest.

Château Court les Muts has 68 ha of vineyards on the edge of the Bordeaux region, 15 km southwest of Bergerac, spread over the clay and limestone slopes, in front of which the Dordogne valley spreads out.

Story, Camera, Edit : Bert Schwarz

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In the 17th century, the place called "Les Mûts" - in ancient French "the must" - was built to store wine for the Saussignac seigniory. At the end of the 19th century, the "Société Nationale de Lutte Contre le Phyloxéra" (National Society for the Control of Phyloxera) took over the estate, which, thanks to its extraordinary prudence, is one of the few French wineries to have survived this catastrophe without damage.

In 1960, Château Court les Mûts already won the competitions of the last century and was taken over by Pierre Sadoux on his return from Algeria. He is a winemaker with more than 20 years of experience. At that time, the estate was only 14 hectares and the vineyards were in poor condition.

Florian © Bert Schwarz
Florian © Bert Schwarz

In 1972, after studying oncology in Bordeaux, his son Pierre-Jean founded an onology laboratory and followed the vinification of 40 wine stocks. With his wife Bernadette, he introduces the bottled wine trade.

Between 1977 and 1987, the estate grew to 23 hectares. The cellars are renovated and enlarged (7,800 hl barrels) and modern equipment for vinification and bottling is purchased. This allows a better marketing and establishes a solid reputation through the press and in the most important guides.

Florian © Bert Schwarz
Florian © Bert Schwarz

1987 : Acquisition of Château PETITE BORIE and lease of Château BRAMEFANT. Since then, numerous in-depth works have been carried out on the cultivation and management of the vines with the aim of achieving optimal quality.

In 2004, the Vignobles Pierre Sadoux committed itself to a global approach to quality that takes into account the entire operation of the winemaker: QUALENVI . This approach takes into account both the well-founded protection of the vineyard and the environment, which was introduced in 2001, and the guarantees given to buyers: food safety, services and traceability.

Every year, medals are awarded to the different vintages in the major vintage competitions. In 2007, Pierre-Jean and his son Pierre were voted Winemaker of the Year by their colleagues in Bergerac.