Culinary delights in France
Brasserie L'Azuréenne.

Brasserie L'Azuréenne

by Bert Schwarz

While looking for interesting things off the beaten track, I came across a small brewery, the family business of Magali and Didier Corbucci, where their son is already in professional training as a brewer.

Brasserie L'Azuréenne

Author, Camera, Edit : Bert Schwarz

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As an avowed beer drinker, I became curious and visited the company. - All I have seen in large production facilities is also available here. But smaller. A craft enterprise in which beer is not industrially produced.

It is a very special Ale beer, brewed in top fermentation and with fermentation in the bottle. Didier Corbucci uses barley malt, Alsatian hops and yeast as ingredients in his beers and - we are in Grasse - with a small alcoholic extract of Rose for Magali.

The beers are neither filtered nor pasteurized. All the ingredients of the organic product are of course organically grown and certified.

The question of taste is easy to answer: the taste of beer differs from that of most of the types we know in our range of supermarkets or drinks. It is a regional beer that gives the "typical taste of Grasse" by adding the rose extract and cools me down a lot at high temperature.

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