Parc de la Moulière

by Bert Schwarz

Whatever's fun:

As a cave explorer underground, with the chair lift to the summit of the mountain, again downhill with the mountain bike or the pedal quad. Then over via ferratas into the treetops - and then.... sleep like in the Wild West - in a tipi.

Parc de la Moulière © Bert Schwarz
Gouffre de Proumeyssac
is called «Crystal Cathedral» because of its huge underground dome.
Grotte de Tourtoirac
also known as the geological pearl of the Périgord..
Grotte de Saint Cézaire
In 1890 the cave was discovered by a farmer while working in the fields.
Grotte des Baumes Obscure
Ideal for a family day: let off steam in the climbing forest and then hungry in the restaurant.
L'Île de Saint Honorat
A sun-drenched little paradise, refreshing and an oasis of peace.
Parc de la Moulière
Underground as a speleologist, with the chair lift to the top of the mountain, down by mountain bike or pedal quad...
Réserve des Monts Azur
The last European bison live here.
Parcours "Blue"

This course is suitable for children from 4 to 6 years with the obligatory presence of an adult on the ground. This route is great for children; in barrels, on sleds. - The children are secured with a harness that makes it impossible to release or fall. They will therefore move safely on the blue course. This course is about 1 meter above the ground. The tour takes about 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the child.

Parc de la Moulière © Bert Schwarz
Parc de la Moulière © Bert Schwarz
Parcour "Black"

That's the sportier route! Excitement guaranteed! Huge swings, anchors, great Quick Jump jumps to the finish, over hanging ladders and with the BMX bike We bet you won't get your feet on the ground on the BMX! The course is suitable from 12 years and equipped with a Bornack safety system.

Parc de la Moulière, Bearbeitung: © Bert Schwarz
Parc de la Moulière © Bert Schwarz

The levels "blue" and "black" are the most extreme. There are five middle ones, which are just as entertaining as the two. Everything to suit the age of the children and neatly secured.

Although we were handicapped by carrying our equipment, we took the lift to the summit and enjoyed the view of the sea shining on the southern horizon and the French foothills in the north.

And in the middle of that all are the juniors on their bicycles.