Créateur Parfumeur, Grasse.

by Bert Schwarz

If you visit Grasse, you have to deal with the topic "perfume". Not only because of the topic, but because otherwise the understanding of the place through which one walks or drives remains closed. As always, everything here is connected to everything else and the development of the city is inseparably interwoven with the development of fragrances. After a while I had the feeling that the history, the past of the city and the region continuously and without breaks reaches up to the present and is simply there as a matter of course.

Molinard © Bert Schwarz

Perfumer and creator of the extra class

"Full of the most beautiful dreams of perfume, I grew up with the precious essences and the sensations they offer. Today, I attach great importance to preserving the tradition of our company and the secret of its consistency. This is what makes the richness of our perfumes, because it is the materials they are made of. Our know-how lies in the art of combining and expanding them to offer you the most beautiful creations. In this way, for more than 165 years, our house has been able to reinvent the DNA of perfume for you," writes Célia Lerouge-Bénard, Directrice générale. She is the 5th generation to direct the destiny of the Molinard House.

Molinard, Grasse © Bert Schwarz

In Grasse, since 1849, the history of Molinard has merged as a matter of course with that of the world capital of perfumes. Between the Miuttelmeer and the mountains of the Prealps, Grasse has an exceptional geographical position and a very special climate. This region is predestined for the cultivation of perfume flowers. More than anywhere else, the language of flowers here is their scent.

Molinard, Grasse © Bert Schwarz

The flowers of the perfume are the soul of this region! And the harvest is the family's craft, passed on with passion from generation to generation. Every year, several tons of flowers are harvested from this fascinating land for their exceptional scent quality: the rose centifolia in May, the jasmine grandiflorum in August, but also the iris pallida, tuberose, violet and orange blossom contribute to the beauty of the Pays de Grasse.

Molinard, Grasse © Bert Schwarz

Wonderful materials for beautiful fragrances are the inspiration of all Molinard creations. With her unconditional love of precious materials, Célia Lerouge-Bénard continues the heritage of the house, refining precious essences in an exceptional setting.