July of St Barth

by Bert Schwarz

If you visit Grasse, you have to deal with the topic "perfume". Not only because of the topic, but because otherwise the understanding of the place through which one walks or drives remains closed. As always, everything here is connected to everything else and the development of the city is inseparably interwoven with the development of fragrances. After a while I had the feeling that the history, the past of the city and the region continuously and without breaks reaches up to the present and is simply there as a matter of course.

July of St Barth

Story, Camera, Editor : Bert Schwarz

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There is not much to tell about Juliette. - Created in 1989 by Juliette Espinasse Dubois, the July of St. Barth brand originally specialized in the production of hats and bags. Since 1989 she has been creating her own exclusive collections - hats, women's wear and perfume creations, which she presents at events not only in Grasse and at spontaneously organized fashion shows.

For 20 years, Juliette has sewn on her hats the shells of Shell Beach, her favorite beach in Saint-Barthélemy, where she lived for several years.

Since her childhood she has been collecting perfumes (today there are more than 20.000 bottles), which quickly became a passion for her fashion.

Juliette, Grasse © Bert Schwarz

From journey to journey, Juliette finds more inspiration through encounters and exchanges that inspire her. From her collaboration with perfumer Jean François Latti (the energizing waters of Clarins, Givenchy III and Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent), she created Shell Beach, her first exclusive fragrance, a journey to the tropics, evoking a fresh, volatile and sensual breeze.