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Parc de la Moulière.
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Everything that's fun: Parc de la Moulière

by Bert Schwarz

Everything that's fun:
Under the ground as a speleologist, with the chair lift to the top of the mountain, again downhill with the mountain bike or the pedal quad. Then over via ferratas into the treetops - and then ... sleep like in the Wild West - in a tipi.

Everything that's fun: Parc de la Moulière

Author, Camera, Edit :
Bert Schwarz

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Parcours "Blue"

This course is suitable for children from 4 to 6 years old with the mandatory presence of an adult on the ground. This route is very attractive for children; barrels, toboggan. - Children will be equipped with a harness with which it is impossible to detach and fall. They will therefore evolve safely on the blue course. This course is about 1 meter off the ground. The route takes about 30 to 45 minutes depending on the child.

Parcour "Black"

It's the more sporty route! Sensations guaranteed! Giant swings, anchors, superb Quick Jump jump to finish, suspended ladders and BMX! We bet you to succeed in BMX without putting a foot on the boards! It's up to you! This course is accessible from the age of 12 and equipped with the Bornack system.

The "blue" and "black" levels are the extreme ones. There are five intermediate ones which are as entertaining as those two. All matching to the kids' ages and all safely secured.

Although we had been handicapped by carrying our equipment we had been on the hilltop enjoying the view to the sea shining at the southern horizont and French pre-alpes to the north.

And in between the kids on their bikes.

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