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Grotte des Baumes Obscure.
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Grotte des Baumes Obscure

by Bert Schwarz

We explore this cave system only armed with the on-board light od our camera. Nine cavities make the "Baume Obscure" site. Three of them are called the Cypress cave, the Loube cave and the Services cave. They form an underground network with a total length of 1,200 metres and a maximum depth of 80 metres. A part of about 700 meters are accessible by stairs and footbridges for a stunning sight into the most interesting galleries and rooms.

Grotte des Baumes Obscure

Author, Camera, Edit :
Bert Schwarz

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Baume Obscure is an incomparable site open to the public to discover the many facets of a Mediterranean karst (southern karst of the Grasse Pre-Alps), both, above and underground: its particular geology, mineralogy and hydrology, its fauna and flora, its cultural and historical heritage.

On the surface: at an average altitude of between 600 m and 700 m, holm oaks and downy oaks, associated with a few Aleppo pines or Scots pines, cover the valleys, plateaus and limestone slopes of the vast area surrounding the Baume Obscure site. They are joined by the moors with ash broom and boxwood, lavender and thyme and rosemary lawns that nestle in the hollow of the slits of the lapiaz, the sometimes difficult to reach Mediterranean scrublands that can be found more particularly overlooking the gorges of the Haute Siagne region.

The remains of the past are also very present in the surroundings: old walls and terraces, shepherds' huts (bories), troglodytic sites, dolmens and tumuli, chapels, old bridges and old mills.

Underground: the cave offers a complete overview of the hydrological phenomena and mineral beauties that hide under the limestone plateau of Saint-Vallier de Thiey.

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