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Château des Milandes

by Bert Schwarz

Home of Josephine Baker

Château des Milandes © Bert Schwarz

Thanks to Josephine Baker the Milandes Palace is famous all over the world. Until the French Revolution it is undisputed the residence of the Caumont family.

From the renaissance castle built in 1489 by François de Caumont, seigneur of Castelnaud, on the initiative of his wife Claude de Cardaillac, we enjoy a wonderful panoramic view over the valley of the Dordogne, despite the first harbingers of autumn. Slate roofs, woodwork, large windows with posts and beautifully preserved glass paintings are the architectural and aesthetic charm of this castle.

Château des Milandes

Story, Camera, Editor : Bert Schwarz

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Château des Milandes
Home of Josephine Baker.
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The castle was inhabited during the whole 16th century. However, the conversion of the family to Protestantism destroyed the peaceful harmony at the «Sleeping Beauty Castle».

Château de Milandes © Bert Schwarz

The French Revolution changed everything once again: the splendor of the Caumonts faded, the château was abandoned. Sold in the 19th century, but unfortunately the new owners were never really interested in the building. It was not maintained and was eventually abandoned.

Château des Milandes © Bert Schwarz

During a visit, the astonished guest learns that Josephine Baker was not only successful on stage, but had also rendered outstanding services in defending her adopted country against Nazi Germany. The insights into her private life during World War II, her fight for house, farm, children show a person for whom I received great respect. Because, what do people in general know about her in Germany - beyond her activity in the mostly superficial showbiz?

Outside, in the beautifully landscaped gardens, you can take a deep breath after so much history lessons and enjoy French cuisine in the brasserie belonging to the castle.