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Tour de Provençe 2017

Tour de Provençe 2017.

by Bert Schwarz

Tour de Provence.

Those who absolutely want to go to Provençe during summer are very probably not interested in the past 2.000 years. Life in this region has been raging ever since the Romans built their arenas and amphitheatres here. And not much has changed in this respect. There are enough events and festivals that are responsible for sleep deprivation.

Tour de Provençe

Author, Camera, Edit : Bert Schwarz

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I've known Provençe for more than 40 years ... but not really good. There are the memories of the Mistral on the beach, where we chewed on sand or the (felt) eternally long roads over the Route Napoléon to the Gorges du Verdon, which finally didn't allow a real flying visit.

In the age of the internet such tourist mistakes for beginners have become rather rare. Or they are simply the result of wrong or completely missing by false planning.

4 x Old, 1 x New


Based on a time budget of around three weeks net and our location in Sanary-sur-Mer, we had prepared ourselves for four known destinations and one unknown:

Our memories of Marseille, das Château d'If and Toulon had already become a bit old, and in Cassis we wanted to make an update, because unfortunately we hadn't worked through everything that seemed important to us during our last visit. We'll make up for that now. And then there's Le Castellet. Not the F1 race track, but the village that presented itself as an interesting artists' village during our last visit.


An educated person thinks of perfume, lavender, roses, Suesskind by the keyword « Grasse» So it was quite practical that my general education has one or the other gap here and there and so it doesn't block my view for new things. That's what happened to me in Grasse. Here in a city whose core business is the production of fragrances, which goes back to the Middle Ages. And I learn that the product developers in their field are artists with the special talent to identify fragrances and to compose something new from the various basic fragrances, which then becomes perfume, eau de parfum or eau de toilette. And we get to know the origin, the initial spark of this product, which we report about here in detail.

And the following year I was able to discover astonishingly much more than just following in the footsteps of perfume. The Grasse hinterland is varied and it was there that I found the original Provençe.

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