by Bert Schwarz

If a tourist visits Grasse "to see if it's pretty there", he does himself no favours and does not do justice to the city and its inhabitants in any way. If you realize that Grasse has been an international economic metropolis since the Middle Ages, you can feel, smell and experience the continuous flow of time.


Story, Camera, Editor : Bert Schwarz

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Only a few minutes by car from the Côte d'Azur lies the city that is known as the city of perfumers. The climate here favours an enormous abundance of flowers. Lavender and roses thrive in abundance, so that in Grasse the perfume industry has had its centre here since the Middle Ages.

Grasse © Bert Schwarz

To reduce the city and its attractions to perfume, its production and its derivatives, however, would be too short, even if this topic accompanies the visitor every step of the way. I have now returned to the city three times and once rather involuntarily. There is so much to discover here that has nothing to do with perfume, its production and the plants that go with it, even if you come into contact with it again and again.

Grasse © Bert Schwarz


This question is purely a matter of taste, because there are hotels in the city, there are guesthouses in the surrounding area and there are ... my preference ... in and around Grasse campsites.

So everything is available, which is necessary for a successful vacation, no matter whether with woman - man - friend - in, or with the new generation together ... and the dog.

During my researches I ignored the dog as a companion, one may look it up for me. No matter what your personal preferences are, apart from the theme of perfume with all its facets, from shopping, to factory tours, to getting to know gardens where the flowers relevant to perfume production grow, you can meet contemporary artists in your galleries around the Place de la Poisonnerie below the town hall, or you can go not far northwest to the Pays de Grasse, to the last European bisons, wild horses, or to the work-out down-hill by bike, through the treetops or under the earth in limestone caves, whose beauty leaves no one cold.

Quiet, hardly any tourism?

Grasse © Bert Schwarz

It's very comfortable here. The parking garage directly in the center is ingenious and also the exit is generously arranged for French conditions for a passenger car with normal dimensions. The parking fees are bearable. There are no tourist avalanches in Grasse that push their way through the cities elsewhere. The contemplative and the many small shops in partly centuries old houses give us the impression of a city in which time has gone on and old and highly modern things have found a natural mixture together.