City of Luxembourg.

by Bert Schwarz

If you walk through the capital of the Grand Duchy, you will surely be surprised, because the expectation that there are only banks and offices of the EU here will be disappointed. Instead, however, you will get to know the attractive reality. Listed by Unesco, the Old Town is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe due to its exceptional location, draped across the deep valley of the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers. It is full of strange caves, tunnels and surprising corners just waiting to be discovered. Great museums and a great restaurant scene make this city a great place to visit. And that should happen on weekends, when hotel prices are dropping and parking on the street is free.

In Luxembourg

Story, Camera, Editor : Bert Schwarz

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We've read that in various places, have become curious and soon we'll see if it's true....

Luxembourg © Bert Schwarz

The brevity is over and we have done it! We went to Luxembourg. End of March. The weather didn't really play along, but what we wanted to know, we experienced:

  1. There's an upper town and a lower city.
  2. There are many cars whose drivers are looking for parking spaces and houses, especially in the upper town. We drove past long queues.
  3. In the lower city there are also parking spaces, mostly being occupied. So stay cool and keep looking.
  4. There are several connections for cars, some only for pedestrians between upper and lower town. To choose the right one, you should have addresses that allow the GPS to find the route. - We found this very helpful at the beginning of our visit, because on the city map, which we had received, the contour line between the upper and lower city was not clearly recognizable for us.
  5. Sometime we recognized a pattern, about the road layout and found a fine parking lot on «half height».
Luxembourg © Bert Schwarz

Conclusion: Those who can do without their vehicle should definitely get the Luxembourg Card and use public transport.