Hauts de France

Nord-Pas de Calais: 5 reasons 4 1 visit to Saint-Omer

by Bert Schwarz

Saint-Omer is centrally located in Hauts-de-France, which is why we chose this city as our starting point for our first visit to this region. Despite intensive research, we had no idea of the many possibilities awaiting us here.

Five Reasons for a Visit to Saint-Omer

Story, Camera, Editor : Bert Schwarz

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It's the central location, which is exactly the right choice if you want to get to the sea quickly (even without tolls) - or if you want to see the art treasures, e.g. in Roubaix. And even if you don't feel like day trips, there are many possibilities to explore interesting places on foot or by bike.

Saint-Omer © Bert Schwarz

France is not only a country of wine and champagne, but also of beer. Here in Saint-Omer there is one of the biggest breweries of Northern France, the Brasserie Saint-Omer, which we were allowed to visit on the occasion of the Fête de la bière and where we got an interesting guided tour, how the solid ingredients finally produce liquid and really good tasting beer.

Saint-Omer © Bert Schwarz

La Coupole, the Dome, says something to the historians in Germany. - Or for those interested in technology. Here is one of the milestones on the way to the moon and at the same time the launch base of the V2 rockets with which the German Wehrmacht attacked London. As so often, a place for shared emotions, but important for the historical and technological aspect.

Saint-Omer © Bert Schwarz

The marshland, Les Marais, is just outside the gates of the city. A trip with the boat through a small piece of earth, which is protected in its originality today, relaxes completely: we had to deliberately think about turning on the camera for you and not "just" looking and coming down from the stress of the day.

We also highly recommended the exhibition at the Maison du Marais, which classifies what you see. Depending on your taste, the exhibition should be visited before or after the boat trip. The motto "Breathe - Touch - See" has its meaning, which can easily be recognized during the visit and the trip.

And then there are the people in the city with their friendliness and cordiality who make it easy for visitors to find their way around. We have experienced this with every age group. "Thank you" and "Please" are a matter of course, as is respect for strangers, which we in Germany like to call "tidy behaviour".